The Journey of Dart

The Stadium was more quite then a day in the desert. Both warriors 50 meters away from each other, staring at each other with no sound from the crowd. Suddenly the announcer said from his large black speakerphone, “With Dart to my right and Warkon to my left we shall begin the Derefin Games.

Warkon taking a gigantic step toward Dart. Dart quickly put himself in a defense position because he knew this battle would not be easy. Warkon smashed his gravity hammer against the earth. The ground was shaking so much that Dart could not balance himself. Suddenly Warkon through an energy grenade less then 2 inches away from Dart and in less than a second the energy grenade exploded with Dart flying.

“I will not lose, I will not lose.” Dart whispered to himself. Dart sprinted toward Warkon and jumped over Warlock. Warlock quickly turned around and then Dart punched him at full speed in the face. This time Warlock was flying.

“Nice Job kid.” Warlock murmured.

Dart quickly threw his Dark spear at Warlock but Warlock grabbed it before touching him and Warlock threw the Dark Spear straight at the ground. Warlock took out his Gravity Hammer again and with all his strength he pounded the ground with so much force that the crowd was shaking. Luckily Dart kept his stance and threw an energy ball at Warlock and the energy ball struck Warlock in the face and Warlock went flying and slammed in to the ground head first.

The announcer stared at Warlock. With a moment of silence the announcer screamed. “Warlock has fainted Dart is the Winner!”

Everyone in the Crowd started yelling and screaming. Dart walked toward Warlock and helped him up and then the Award Ceremony begun. The president of Derefin walked over to Dart and handed him his medal.

“Thank you Mayor Frences.” Dart said

“Your welcome.”

Dart lifted up his medal to the crowd and then walked out of the stadium.


To Be Continued……


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mary
    Aug 05, 2012 @ 17:31:38

    Hi Erik

    Good start to the story. I look forward to reading more of it. Is Warkon Warlock?

    Let me know when you post again so I can follow this story of Dart and Warlock.

    Love Auntie Mary


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